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Still unknown a few years ago, colloidal silver tends to democratize and make its appearance in the pharmacy of many families. Its powerful antibacterial and healing powers attested , made it the right cure for many people today.  Silver has been used for centuries and this liquid solution of nano-silver particles has emerged in the 1990's as an alternative medicine for its quality of large spectrum medicine (as or better than industrial antibiotic).

Since 2010, many recent scientific studies have demonstrated the antibacterial effects of colloidal silver. These effects would be active even on the most resistant strains of bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus.

The colloidal silver spectrum is broad and covers a multitude of bacterial strains and other diseases. From scalp psoriasis to eczema, through small wounds and flus, discover on our site what are the benefits of colloidal silver, how we manufacture it, what it is made from and what diseases it cures. Discover how to use it and under what circumstances. We also offer, application tips and posology advices.


Colloidal silver is a natural antiseptic that clearly promotes healing of wounds and burns. In local application, the whole family can use it to heal and disinfect wounds, bites and burns. It is a natural antibacterial.


Colloidal silver is a powerful antifungal: treating fungal infections, eczema, acne, dermatitis etc. It is recommended to treat psoriasis cases also. In local application, several times a day, it is used to treat skin diseases.


Colloidal silver is a natural treatment. It has a very broad spectrum and strengthens the immune system. In oral spray or solution, it helps to fight against and treats winter flu, sinusitis and other bacterial diseases.


Colloïdal Silver made in France

Our laboratory makes a point of providing you with a solution of colloidal silver of impeccable quality. We only manufacture colloidal water to order to guarantee you high quality water and optimal conservation.

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A pure colloidal water

Through a strict manufacturing process, our colloidal silver solution is pure. The colloidal silver solution "Ôdal" is made of purified water, silver colloids and ions.

Our solution, manufactured in France, is produced by electrolysis. The water we use to achieve our silver solution is distilled, demineralised and consistent with the name of "Purified Water" of the European Pharmacopoeia.

Our colloidal water is kept from all impurity and guaranteed without the presence of any minerals. Ôdal base its ethic on rigorous methods of manufacture and storage to ensure a silver water of high quality and stability.

A preservation method

Once manufactured, our silver solution is kept in a bottle of tinted glass "anti-U.V." with capacity of 1L, 0.5L or 100 ml spray.

We do not use plastic because it would alter the solution and the electric charge of silver ions would be zero.

The water is well protected from the sun and immediately placed away from direct light. Our solution keeps all its properties. The colloidal silver solution "Ôdal" is natural (obtained by electrolysis) and there are no additives and no preservatives added. We offer a colloidal water of high quality and optimum preservation.

ODAL |  Colloidal silver laboratory at your service since 2014

t was in 2014 that our teams met in order to manufacture this silver solution. First used as a home remedy, we notices the undeniable positive effects of the colloidal solution, and then, we decided to market it.

In 2015, Ôdal project goes ahead and we are now able to produce and offer a pure colloidal water of high quality. We now promote the online direct sale of colloidal silver to all those who want a natural, alternative and effective medicine!


What is Colloidal Silver made of ?

It's a water composed of very tiny particles called colloidal particles.

They are extremely small about more than 1500 times smaller than a conventional living cell.

The colloidal particles have the feature to generate a powerful electrical charge that are of paramount importance on the physical and chemical reactions in our organism.

The human body is naturally composed of these colloidal particles but our lifestyles and our modern diet, affect the functioning of our cells.

Pollution, waves, modern food etc.. are all aggravating factors of bad health.

It is now clear that an external supply of colloids can allow our organism to offset its power and resist to this modern environment.

Consuming or using (as appropriate) colloidal silver solution, helps the body to recharge in colloids, action that it is unable to do naturally through the diet.

The colloidal silver solution primary action is to come activating the cell metabolism of the human body. 

help removing toxins and metabolic waste. Therefore, the immune system responds better and faster.

The system does not clog and the waste is removed. Furthermore, the colloidal water helps in better absorption of nutrients.

Our work and our goal is now to replicate a pure colloidal water so that everyone can access and enjoy a full vitality and good health.

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" Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, the silver nanoparticle, contained in colloidal water is not created by Human. The silver nanoparticle is an absolutely natural element. "