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Colloidal Silver Use

Why should you have colloidal silver solution at home? The answer is simple: because besides being the oldest antiseptic of all times, it is primarily a natural and alternative remedy. Silver's properties are recognized, and the silver in its colloidal form can help treat and cure many ailments. It is considered that colloidal silver has multiple properties and many fields of action in/on the organism. Its applications or uses are: Antiseptic - Antibiotic - Antifungal. For these three fields of action, colloidal silver is now one of the most effective remedies to fight against multiple diseases: skin diseases, disinfection of wounds, healing, broad-spectrum antibiotic (helps to fight + 650 germs, bacteria and viruses).

antiseptis property

antibactérial property

antifungal property

Silver helps to cure many skin, eye and bacterial diseases: "Colloidal silver has proven its value in the fight against these diseases and others - tonsillitis, gonococcal conjunctivitis, spring catarrh, pustular scalp eczema, septic leg ulcers, boils, chronic cystitis (...) "as stipulated in the magazine" the National druggist "